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Dermaplaning is a huge craze right now – but why? What is dermaplaning? Who can benefit from this service?

Dermaplaning is a safe and effective exfoliation procedure.  The Dermaplaning  procedure uses a sterile surgical scalpel to lightly graze against the skin, removing vellus hair (often referred to as peach fuzz) and the top layer of dead skin. Dermaplaning is only used on the face and is not used in areas with thicker hair, such as in shaping eyebrows.  Dermaplaning is a great option to those who need a good exfoliation treatment – especially those who get blackheads.  However, it cannot be done on someone with active acne breakouts.  Dermaplaning gives your face an instant glow and the skin is buttery smooth after! 

Not sure if you can benefit from dermaplaning? Let’s set up a consultation and see what we can work out.

Benefits of Dermaplaning


Works well with all skin types


Promotes smoother skin


Removes vellus hair (peachfuzz) that can trap oil and dirt


Can reduce the appearance of acne scars


Can reduce the look of fine lines


Instant results of glowing, buttery smooth skin

dermaplaning lakewood ohio
dermaplaning lakewood ohio

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